• Therapist training in Biophysical medicine – Utrecht (Netherlands)
  • Certified NES practitioner with Nes Health Total WellNES and thereby fully qualified as therapist in information medicine
  • 10 years of international congresses and seminars on information medicine, nutrition science quantum physics
  • 30 years of training courses, workshops and seminars on psychological astrology
  • Master training in Astropolarity – Berlin (Germany):
  • Medical Astrology – Cologn (Germany)
  • Therapist in Cooperative Sensitive Medicine
  • Family constellations practitioner – Innsbruck (Austria) and Berlin (Germany)
  • Planetary birth constellations and Schicksalweg constellations – Cologn and Berlin (Germany)
This is where the map comes in.


Kanunnik Bittremieuxlaan 75
B-8340 ​Sijsele