I accompany people who have the courage to be aware and take on responsibility, thus opening themselves to and activating their innate self-healing powers and allowing themselves to grow towards a healthy, successful and joyful life. The work we do together covers all levels, physical, emotional, mental and metaphysical.

My support is based on the totality of the wisdom and knowledge that I have been fortunate enough to encounter and integrate on the path that is my own.

Individual consultations

Self-healing consultation: from our first encounter it aimed at undertaking a healing journey throughout your life, starting at the prenatal stage, moving all the way to the present moment. In this interview, we include astrological insights, a Nes-scan, Mi-Health and, if the need arises, healing constellations. All of this is supported by Drops15 energetic drops to stimulate and support the self-healing process further. Our ultimate goal is to become aware, to gain insight and to evolve towards a positive change.

Astrological consultation : here the birth chart is central. Through listening to your story and your questions, I am guided by the birth chart to find the cause, the development and most important the way to the solution of your problem on physical, emotional, psychic or methaphysic level.

Mi-Health treatment : is a treatment that really helps for all kind of painkilling, Acute and chronic problems. joint problems etc… a very good result after 3 to 5 treatments.


Healing constellations: the basics of Bert Hellinger’s family constellations enriched with all the wisdom and experience I gathered throughout my personal life and my practice as a therapist

The path to freedom (Schicksalweg) : is a one-off constellation session around your birth horoscope, brought in a unique manner so as to help you gain greater awareness of the patterns which stem from the blueprint of your birth horoscope and thus experience more freedom by feeling less like everything is determined by fate.

Consultation: 65 EUR/hour

Mi-Health treatment:
1st treatment including scan: 45 EUR
Subsequent treatments 30 EUR (usually 3 to 5 treatments)

Own constellation : 65 EUR
Representative : 25 EUR

This is where the map comes in.


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