My name is Ingeborg Vandenbulcke. I was born on the 12th of November 1959 at 06:05 in Kortrijk, Belgium.

My life’s goal is to become who I truly am, to be authentic, to be free, to become whole. Every moment of my life, I am conscious of the fact that the situations life presents me with, as well as the people that surround me are there to show me something: the little lost parts of myself, the hurt little me-s (my hurt little selves), the withdrawn me-s (my withdrawn selves). By being aware also of these little pieces of me, I can be myself more fully, more happily, more healthily, I am able to feel the joy in the present moment and to connect with others.

Today I dance, I perform, I paraglide, … I do all the things I couldn’t 25 years ago for the constant pain and suffering I was undergoing. These were the dreams I stopped dreaming because I didn’t dare dream them. Today, I’ve made those dreams come true. I realized the only way towards a healthy, successful and joyful life meant saying “yes!” to myself, daring to take on responsibility, to be kind to oneself, and to become centered in one’s own inner strength. It also meant taking this up as a day-to-day exercise, integrating these things into every-day life. That is how I grew to feel free, peaceful and serene despite the – at times – heavy weather or fierce storms surrounding me, both close to home and further away.

Pain and suffering no longer control my life. I am now able to respect myself and all others, including everything our mother Earth carries.

This is where the map comes in.


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