Welcome to the website of Selfhealing-Center !

I chose this name for two reasons:

1) Each of us has a center of self-recovery and self-healing powers. However, this center got disrupted, its powers subdued, due to a wide variety of possible causes such as micro-organisms (bacteria, parasites, fungi, viruses), emotions, thoughts, memories, traumas, family patterns and beliefs. Only by assuming the responsibility which is ours, by opening ourselves and by saying “Yes” to ourselves, will we be able to kindle these inner forces once again and grow towards becoming healthier, more successful and more joyful in the present moment. We become our own master once again, are able to stay centered in our inner strength and become who we truly are.

2) Furthermore, this name is a clear reference to what my practice is about: a center one can turn to at a given stage in one’s evolution when one feels the need for support or guidance towards a healthier, more successful and more loving life.

The logo that was chosen for the Selfhealing-Center is a heart with, in its middle, our self-healing center. Opening our heart at all levels will turn our self-healing capabilities into powerful, yet gentle self-healing sources. The heart constitutes the core of our self-healing powers. First and foremost, we need to open our heart to ourselves and be kind and gentle to ourselves.

My work is aimed at supporting you in your effort to open yourself to your self-healing powers, thus helping you on your way towards living painlessly in the present moment.

This is where the map comes in.


Kanunnik Bittremieuxlaan 75
B-8340 ​Sijsele